Our Home

We are a non profit organization that operate a home for girls who come from difficult circumstances, traumatized by their bad experiences.

We aim to provide a place of refuge and restoration, giving shelter, food, medical assistance, educational opportunities and emotional support in a loving atmosphere of a family unit Located in Kajang, Selangor. Our home is manned by caring staff on shift duty. We are committed to the holistic restoration of life in every aspect: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social.

At openhands , each child is given the opportunity to learn living skills such as cooking, gardening, housekeeping, and care of pets. For those who finish secondary school and are not academically inclined, we arrange for vocational training by networking with agencies that provide such courses.


We network with companies and businesses that can offer gainful employment to those who successfully complete vocational training, In addition we help those who are unable to obtain vocational training by referring them to on the job training opportunities. We believe that openhands exists to be a channel of blessing to the churches in Malaysia. We strive to work alongside churches.


Where we are not able to provide help, we provide referral services for people in need, and we believe in being a channel to other agencies that have a similar mission to help people in need.


  • Our Name

    Our name is derived from the Bible as found in Deuteronomy 15:7-11. God commands His people to love the Lord their God and to keep His requirements and decrees always. In addition, we are required to be openhanded at all times, that is , we are not to be hard hearted or tight fisted towards the poor and needy but rather to give generously and without a grudging heart.

  • Our Mission

    To be God’s openhands to the poor and needy of this world

  • Our Vision

    Our inspiration to love and care for the poor and needy comes from God, the unending source of love and through prayer we depend on our father in Heaven to meet all our physical, spiritual and material needs by our service to the poor and needy.

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