New house project

We need a new house for Openhands Fellowship girls home in Kajang, Our first house was in Sri Jelok , a Chinese business offered it to us free of rent we  were there for  3  years , but he had to sell it so we moved to Taman Jasmine but we could only be there for 1 years , the residence there disapproved our presence , then we move to Taman Bukit Mewah. This is house located near the school and very convenient for  shopping as it is just a walking distance from the home. We have been here for 8 years but again the owners have put the house up for sale, the house has been on sale for  1 year. The owners gave us notice to vacate and our end date was 30th April 2019, .  we have been searching for a new house to move from January 2019 , we have looked at around 45 houses in and around Kajang. All the house owners we met don’t want to let it  out to  a children,s home. The reason they gave were the following , property value will go down, children will damage their houses etc. Many of large houses we looked at have been in the market for years but owners are unwilling to rent it out. As the date for vacating was drawing near, we appealed to the present house  owner for  a grace period of 1 more year. After much discussion the owner agreed to extend the lease with an increase in rental . We only have till March 2020. We  do not intend to buy the present house as there  is no room for expansion.


At our directors meeting and our AGM a decision was made to purchase a land or a ready property for the home. This would incur  huge investment, we are looking to people who will  support  this project . We have set aside Rm55.000 as an investment into this purchase. If you are keen to contribute to this house purchase project  kindly contact us at  our address or  directly bank into our project account and inform us by email : or whatsapp +60120740458



ACCOUNT NO: 3151496204